Making light work

Chasing shadows. Discovering light.

Only so many hours in a week – I judiciously spend some of those hours, mainly on weekends, chasing shadows and experimenting with light.
I have a Nikon D750, a Nikon D500 and a few lenses – I know, the gear is not important, it’s the art, but people always ask.
New projects:
1. Focus is Everything – is a visual, motivational and inspirational presentation that introduces you to people, places, animals and abstracts – especially in and around Vancouver and the Fraser Valley.
2. Storeum – photographs that invite the viewer to complete the story
3. Expresso – photographs of artists expressing their art

The rest of those hours

I’m the Learning Coach at team Possibil – helping leaders build their influence and inspire innovation at work. I am known for my ability to demystify complexity and explain processes using transferable concepts and dynamic models. Also a pretty good coach. And facilitator.

In a previous life I did my military training in the paratroopers [I have a fear of heights], I was a surf lifesaver [I am a terrible swimmer] and a preacher [I’m still figuring out what I believe].
I was once the Communications Director for the Chief Justices of Nova Scotia [go figure, I don’t have a law degree].
I have quite a few certificates in all kinds of things related to speaking, influencing and coaching and a degree in theology – don’t ask me if there is a God, I don’t know.
I am the author of A Complicated Love – road trip conversations between a straight father and a gay son.


Dene Rossouw
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